Tobias Hurwitz "Rock Guitar For Adults"

Tobias Hurwitz "Rock Guitar For Adults"


Tobias Hurwitz
Rock Guitar For Adults
The Story
"Rock Guitar For Adults" will get you rock chops up to speed. It covers all the chords and scales you need to play the classic rock tunes you enjoy. This easy-to-use, thorough method covers important techniques such as bending and tapping and provides tons of licks and tips for creating great rock leads A CD is included to help insure that you are capturing the feel of the examples, interpreting the rhythms correctly, and so on.

Features include: friendly step-by-step method, easy-to-read examples in both standard notation and TAB, and covers chords, scales, leads, basic music theory, as well as an introduction to reading music.

Rock music is a big part of kicking back on the weekends and enjoying down time with our friends. It makes the old feel younger and helps the young to feel strong and alive. But, most importantly, its study is endlessly challenging and stimulating, and can be a true path to self-discovery.

Additional Facts
Tobias Hurwitz is an instructor at The National Guitar Workshop. He is the author of the book "Learn How To Transcribe For Guitar", also published by The National Guitar Workshop and Alfred.

Tobias resides in Baltimore, Maryland where he leads his band and teaches privately. His award winning instrumental release "Painted Sky" is now available. Tobias is a contributing writer for Guitar Magazine and Guitar One Magazine. He also endorses PRS guitars, Budda amps and Ernie Ball strings.