Dan McAvinchey

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October-November 2019

Certain fans (probably musicians) want to hear the instruments speak to them, which they can understand a bit better than the average listener.

February-March 2019

The fact that we are brothers in our case plays a big... wait, a huge part in our chemistry when we play. Things just naturally happen between us musically.

February-March 2019

A good website is key to successful promotions. Also Reverb Nation is a pretty important portal to be signed up to. It is a good place to network.

February-March 2018

Plans for the future? Play more gigs in front of larger audiences! Playing live is the greatest thing to do as a guitar player.

February-March 2018

In order to increase your visibility and gain a position in the mind of your listener or target audience, I feel it's important to invest in a public relations firm that specializes in the entertainment industry.

February-March 2018

Nothing beats being in a recording studio with professionals. It’s one of those moments you dream about as a kid learning to play.

December-January 2017

In my opinion, having a booking agent is more important than any other traditional aspect. Independent artists need to take their music to the people and having more opportunities to perform live is paramount.

August-September 2017

I`ve just released my seventh instrumental album, which is now available on all web platforms, as are my six previous releases.

June-July 2017

This time I tried a crowdfunding approach and was able to finance a significant part of the production costs through pre-orders placed through the respective campaign.

June-July 2017

I'm trying do more to get the music exposure and the radio airplay is doing that for me, since I get listeners from every country in the world.

February-March 2017

I hear themes in my mind and somehow it goes on paper. Some songs on "Untold Stories" took years to get written and recorded.

December-January 2016

But there is a risk with being an independent musician, and that is that you get so lost in your own freedom that you end up with a career that isn`t going anywhere.


Dan McAvinchey is a guitarist and composer living in Raleigh, NC.

He believes every musician or composer has the power to write, record and release their own music.

Guitar Haus

His 1997 CD release on Guitar Nine was entitled "Guitar Haus".

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