Simon Candy

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April-May 2021

A little technique can go a long way if you know how to apply it creatively.

October-November 2018

Simon takes a close look at the use of chords in this popular tuning.

August-September 2018

Avoiding these crippling mistakes will eliminate frustration and lead to satisfying arrangements.

August-September 2018

A way of playing your guitar where you can sound full and complete without needing someone else to play with you.

June-July 2018

Learn the sophisticated, awe inspired, and flat out mind-blowing style of percussive acoustic guitar.

April-May 2018

Play great songs such as “Landslide”, "Dust In The Wind" and "The Boxer".

February-March 2018

Slide guitar offers a very cool and unique sound that cannot be emulated any other way.

December-January 2017

A technique that allows you to play both the melody and accompaniment parts of a blues tune at the same time.

October-November 2017

Don't go with what feels easy as opposed to what is right.

August-September 2017

Studying other styles of music such as jazz, will only make you a better, more rounded acoustic guitar player and musician.

June-July 2017

In part 3, you`ll learn how to easily play fast solo lines and riffs on your guitar.

April-May 2017

In part 2, you`ll learn how to create amazing blues guitar solos using open strings.


Specializing in online acoustic guitar lessons, Simon Candy is based in Melbourne, Australia where he runs his own guitar school.

Simon Candy

He has taught guitar for over 20 years to people of all ages and levels covering a variety of styles including blues, rock, jazz, and fingerpicking.

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